CONCORDIA PARISH, La. (KNOE) – Authorities in Louisiana are warning users to be careful about the comments they post on Facebook.

Tuesday, the Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office said they wanted to alert people that their comments could be used against them by scammers.

They gave an example, citing posts that ask questions like, “What was your favorite teacher’s name? Who was your 1st grade teacher? Who was your childhood best friend? What was your first car?” etc.

The sheriff’s office asked, “Do these questions sound familiar? They should. These are the same questions you are asked as security questions when setting up bank accounts and credit card accounts. When answering these questions and posting them, you are giving out answers to your security questions that you may be using without realizing it.”

The sheriff’s office says hackers set up these “get to know each other better” games on Facebook. They can then use the information you provide to hack your accounts or open up new lines of credit in your name.

They say not all of these types of posts are scams, but it’s important to keep aware of just what you are posting on Facebook.

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