Internet of Things (IoT) specialist Widora has announced the impending launch of a RISC-V binocular facial recognition development board boasting the smallest overall volume in the world, based on the company’s BITK210 module.

“We [built] the smallest [Kendryte] K210 module,” the company announced on Twitter today. “Also based on it made the AIRV2 board — it is undoubtedly very beautiful, but also the king of cost-effective. Now, starting today, we will introduce the current smallest volume binocular live face recognition module FaceR by the end of 2019.”

The announcement didn’t include any imagery or details on the board, carrying with it instead a picture of the AIRV2 development board. Designed to mimic the Raspberry Pi Zero form factor, the AIRV2 is a breakout for Widora’s compact BITK210 module, which in turn is built around the Kendryte K210 system-on-chip with dual-core 64-bit RISC-V processor and accelerators for neural network and computer vision applications.

Given the company’s previous work, and the capabilities of its BITK210 module, it seems likely that the FaceR board will borrow the same overall layout as the AIRV2: a compact stick form factor with GPIO header to the top and a BITK210 module in the middle, with micro-USB for power. Where the AIRV2 includes two display outputs at either end of the board, the FaceR may swap these for a pair of camera inputs to achieve the promised binocular vision feature.

Widora has created a skeleton entry on its website for the FaceR, but has not yet uploaded any content. Interested parties should keep an eye on the company’s Twitter account for more information.

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